Gadget Review #1 (Withings BPM)

Ok. I have this Blog for 2 days now and I thought my first posting should be something special, but as I couldn’t think on something special I chose to make a short review on a gadget which I used for the first time today (which makes it at least special to me).It is the:

Withings Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

Although I cannot imagine one single attribute which could make blood pressure monitor smart, but I am impressed by how easy to use this one is.

The most difficult part is to download the App from the Apple AppStore. Now you know that a 5yr old could use it.

To measure your blood pressure you connect the gadget with your iOS device (iPad/iPhone/iPod touch) the app starts automatically -first time users can have a 5 Step Tutorial with pictures, which show you how to wrap the device correctly around your arm- then all you have to is „Press Start“.

That’s it.

In the video you get a impression. And in 2 weeks I will post you the trend of these days and tell you who I like it.

First mark is 10/10

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