Hello world! (Not Again)

Welcome to WordPress.com. After you read this, you should delete and write your own post, with a new title above.

Ok here I am. While registering on WordPress I was thinking what the first title of my new blog could be. I was baffeld that WordPress stole my idea and created a first posting and that with my credentials (kramkr!?). Although I think thats its not nice to use my name for a post that I didn’t do I’m not angry.

It opend my eyes that the phrase „Hello World“ is overused. I bet I’m not the first one who notice this. But as I don’t have an alternative (yet) I won’t change the title of this post, only the content.

This is my own first posting so I guess this should be a introduction. But as I really had to read a lot  How-To’s and Tipps and Tricks and the fact that I’m a little bit lazy right now I’ll only add some of the tasks which I made during the WordPress Tutorial – Zero To Hero. I think for the start thats enough introduction.

1. Whats your goal?
To share my passion and to inform others.

2. What are you most intrested in?
Technologies. Like Cloud Computing and Tablet-PCs

3. What is your perspective?
As a Nerd/Geek and a Microsoft Student Partner I’m right in the center. I consider myself as a evengalist for Tablet-PCs in the first place and maybe for cloud computing.

4. Who’s your target audicence?
Nerds and Students and everybody who is intrested in technology

Task 1

First up, grab a pen and paper and set a timer for sixty  seconds. Draw a stick figure in the center. That’s you. Now  prepare to start the countdown and scribble down  anything (really, anything) that comes to mind when you  think of reasons why you’d like to have a blog. Ready? Go!

Task 2

Next up, on a fresh page, draw a new mini-me in the center. Reset the  timer to 60 seconds, and prepare to jot down the things that you’re  passionate about. Consider your obsessions, the things that get you out  of bed in the morning, the things that keep you awake at night, and the  websites, TV shows, magazines, or blogs you find yourself gravitating to  time and time again. Start the timer and off you go!

So now you know why i did this blog.

Hope you enjoy! And check b@ck later.

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